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[No, I am not the disgraced Canadian senator.
However, I am an award-winning writer with two adventure novels on sale for an incredible price (including shipping). See below!]

Are you interested in the outdoors?

Are you concerned about our environment and how we relate to it?
Do you like stories that pit people against nature and each other?

I am a freelance writer specializing in outdoor and fiction subjects. I write a monthly column, "Rubs, Scrapes and Tangle, signs along the way" for the Alberta Outdoorsmen and have written articles for several magazines and newspapers. I make presentations to school, youth and adult groups about the natural history of Albertan and Canadian wildlife. See my list of services for more information.

OWCI am a past president of the Outdoor Writers of Canada. In 2010 the OWC honoured me with the Pete McGillen Award for "outstanding contribution to the Outdoor Writers of Canada, for excellence in outdoor communication and for stimulating interest and appreciation of the outdoors."

As well, I am a member of The Writers' Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta.

I have written two young-adult, adventure novels. Both books can be ordered through your local bookstores (using the books' respective ISBNs) or on-line through my bookstore:

Search For Grizzly One

The Search for Grizzly One

My award-winning second novel, The Search for Grizzly One (2005, ISBN: 0-595-33964-6), is about a teenager searching for his lost grandfather in northern Alberta.

"...a cracking good adventure story set in Canada's North...some of the best writing about northern flying and wilderness life that I have ever encountered" — Merna Summers, review


Dog Runner

Dog Runner (1989, 2004, ISBN: 0-595-33231-5) is my award-winning first novel about a teenager torn between two cultures in northern Alberta. The first edition was also published in Dutch (De hondenrenner, Averbode, Apeldoorn, Altiora) and German (Das Rennen, Verlag St. Gabriel, Austria).

"Each of the dogs has a distinct, believable personality, and human and animal interactions ring true to life. Dog Runner is a special book." — Calgary Herald

Biology and Communications

As a wildlife biologist, I have worked in the Canadian High Arctic, the boreal forest of northern Alberta and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Over the course of my work, I came to realize that in the long term good wildlife management was dependent on a concerned and informed public. The problem was that many biologists and wildlife managers were not communicating well with the people upon whom they depend to support their work — either through taxes, licence fees or donations. Always having an interest in writing, I decided to develop myself as a writer and learn effective communication techniques to explain the value and management of our natural resources to the people who make the ultimate, long-term decisions. Please see my brief biography.


My interests in writing focus on the relationships we have with our natural environment. I am particularly interested in fishing, hunting and trapping and how those traditions are changing in the modern world. I have won several awards for my work in both magazines and books. My Bibliography lists some of my publications. Check out some examples of my published writing.

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"A Strategy for Conservation"
Protecting headwaters, habitat and wild country; Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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Draining the Battery
The Earth-Space battery is being drained, climate change being but one consequence.
The Demise of Woodland Caribou in Alberta

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"Draining the Battery" wins 2nd Place Magazine Column at the 2016 Outdoor Writers of Canada National Communciation Awards.

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