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Don's Bio (Last Update: 2009 July)

Don Meredith is a writer, biologist and communications consultant living west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Born in Los Angeles, California, Don fell in love with the Sierra Nevada in his youth and spent many a summer exploring the beauty of that wilderness - including hiking the length of the John Muir Trail.

Pursuing a career in wildlife biology, Don studied at schools in Oregon and Washington. He worked summers in Mount Rainier National Park as a fire control aide and park ranger.

Don emigrated to Canada in 1970 to continue graduate studies in Zoology at the University of Alberta. He received a Ph.D. in 1975, and became a Canadian citizen that same year. He has worked as a consulting wildlife biologist on various projects for both private industry and government in the Canadian High Arctic, northern Alberta and the Rocky Mountains.

The story for his first young-adult novel, Dog Runner (©1989, 2004), was largely drawn on his experiences in the North. The novel won the 1990 Writers Guild of Alberta Award of Excellence for Children's Literature, and has also been published in Dutch and German.

His second novel, The Search for Grizzly One (©2005, iUniverse), is a story about a teenager searching for his grandfather lost in a bush airplane over northern Alberta. It won First Place for Best Outdoor Book in the 2006 Outdoor Writers of Canada Communication Awards.

From 1989 until 2002, Don worked as Head of Information for the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division where he coordinated the publication of the fishing, hunting and trapping regulation guides, and established the division's presence on the World Wide Web of the Internet. He has worked as a freelance writer, biologist and public communications consultant since 1978. From 2003-04, he served as Acting Director of the Alberta Fish and Game Association's Operation Grassland Community program, a habitat stewardship program for landholders in southeastern Alberta.

Don writes a monthly column, "Rubs, Scrapes and Tangle, signs along the way" for the Alberta Outdoorsmen. For six years (1995-2001), he wrote a monthly column, "The Great Outdoors" for the Edmonton Sports Scene. Don has published several articles and short fiction on wildlife and the outdoors for such periodicals as Canadian Geographic, Western Sportsman, Alberta Fishing Guide, Alberta Game Warden and The Edmonton Journal. As a consultant for the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division during the 1980s, he wrote the text for brochures and helped design and implement conservation education programs, such as Project WILD.

Don is a past president of the Outdoor Writers of Canada. He is also a member of The Writers' Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta.

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