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I have been an amateur photographer for many years since my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie camera when I was just a small boy. Over the years, I have graduated through a series of 35mm cameras: Argus C3 (rangefinder), Pentax Spotmatic (my first single-lens reflex), Nikon F1, F601 and F65. My first digital SLR camera was the Nikon D70. That was followed by the Nikon D90. I now use the Olympus OMD-E-M5 Mark II, which is a steep learning curve for me with regard to the latest digital camera technology.

Packing a camera along with me on my adventures has provided me with a record of my experiences and mile posts for my memories. The links in the left column are catalogues of just some of the images I have collected. I often use them to illustrate my writing, talks and lectures. They have also helped me explain the creative process to participants in my writing workshops.

Please remember, the images displayed are protected by copyright.

John Muir Trail | Mount Rainier National Park | Canadian Arctic | Other Images

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