Mount Rainier—The Climbsby Don H. Meredith

I had the good fortune of successfully climbing Mount Rainier (4393 m, 14 410 ft.) three times during my seasonal employment at Mount Rainier National Park, once from the Paradise (south) side and twice from the Sunrise/Emmons Glacier (northeast) side. In 1966, I took the US National Park Service Ice Climbing and Rescue course for employees which culminated in a graduation climb from the Paradise side through Camp Muir.

In 1967, I was part of a climb of Sunrise/White River park service employees, led by veteran park naturalist Art Haines. As described by one of our number, "climbing Rainier with Art Haines was like taking an extended nature walk" because of what we learned along the way. Art had a wealth of knowledge about the mountain, the park and all that lived in it. We climbed from the northeast side using the Emmons Glacier route

In 1968, I led a climb of employees, again up the Emmons Glacier route. The following images are from all three climbs.

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