Canadian Arctic—1974

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Slide 3 — Our chief airplane used to do our aerial surveys was the Dornier 28 (here shown on skis/wheels at the Resolute Bay Airport). It's unique design of high wings without struts, large viewing windows and twin engines, combined with its STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) capabilities, made it an ideal arctic survey aircraft.

Slide 4 — Inside the cockpit of the Dornier 28. Left to right, pilot (and part owner of Contact Airways) Jack Bergeron and biologist Dave Wooley (now Hugh Wollis). The lead biologist for the survey sat in the navigator's seat to the right of the pilot and ensured we flew along the survey transacts.

Slide 5 — Bob Wooley and Lyle Dorey (l-r) in the rear observer positions in the Dornier 28. Yes, Lyle was cold in this photo. For safety reasons, the airplane heaters were not turned on until it was airborne. Once airborne, the cabin heated up quickly.

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