Canadian Arctic—1976

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The summer of 1976 found me once again in the Arctic, this time working for LGL Ltd., another biological consulting firm. They hired me for work in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Alberta. However, on this particular assignment, I was going to help a research camp in the Very High Arctic protect itself against polar bears. The company had approached LGL about somebody that could help them out with some problems they were having with the bears, and I had the most arctic experience in camps, so I was drafted to go.

If you are an impatient person, the Arctic is not for you. Transportation is always an issue. You often spend hours and sometimes days waiting for air transport to show up, often delayed because of weather or mechanical issues. My arrival at Resolute Bay was in an old DC-3 that had been chartered by a consortium of companies because of a Pacfic Western Airlines strike that had crippled air traffic to the North. The cargo aircraft was packed with supplies, and people needing to get North. The flight from Calgary took most of a 24-hour day with many refueling stops.

Slide 45 — A DC-3 at Resolute Bay, not unlike the one I flew from Calgary to Resolute during the PWA strike in 1976.

Upon arrival at Resolute Bay, I learned that the helicopter the company had hired to take me and some supplies north to the research camp had been delayed by mechanical issues in Edmonton and would take a few days to get to Resolute. It so happened that LGL's Toronto office had a team of marine biologists in Resolute, studying the marine biology of the waters that would be crossed by the proposed Polar Gas Pipeline. I tagged up with the crew and helped them with their study while I waited for my chopper.

Slide 46 — LGL hired this helicopter to take the marine crew to locations on the sea ice along Lancaster Sound.

Slide 47 — We set nets in the water along the edge of the ice to catch shrimp and fish, and determine the species and numbers.

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