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The Search for Grizzly One by Don H. Meredith copyright © 2005

The Search For Grizzly One

iUniverse, Inc.
ISBN: 0-595-33964-6 (print)

First Place: Outdoor Books
Outdoor Writers of Canada
2006 Communication Awards

Time is running out for a teenager searching for his grandfather's lost plane in Northern Canada. Can he trust the intuitions of Trish, the pilot's daughter? In The Search for Grizzly One, Mark Daniels is a sixteen-year-old whose grandfather, along with the pilot of a bush airplane, has disappeared on a fly-in hunting trip somewhere over northern Alberta.

After an extensive aerial search turns up nothing, Mark sets out with Trish on their own search. Following a hunch about what might have happened, the pair treks through the Northern Alberta wilderness. The journey tests every fiber of Mark's being, but along the way, he learns much about himself, the wilderness, and the unbreakable human spirit.

Wildlife writer and biologist Don Meredith vividly describes the rugged terrain and harsh elements Trish and Mark endure on their desperate quest to find their loved ones-before it's too late.

"The Search for Grizzly One is a cracking good adventure story set in Canada's North. It was originally intended for young readers, but it contains some of the best writing about northern flying and wilderness life that I have ever encountered. ... Adults, as well as young people, should find reading it a rich and rewarding experience. Highly recommended."— review

"This is an extremely well written story with a very strong plot and beautifully rendered characters."—Writer's Digest Book Awards.

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