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Dog Runner by Don H. Meredith copyright © 2004

Dog Runner

Second edition (2004)
Authors Choice Press
ISBN: 0-595-33231-5

Winner: 1990 Writers Guild of Alberta Award
for Excellence in Children's Literature

Jim is fighting for his own survival and for the survival of his dogs. He has entered a gruelling three-day race to win the money he needs to keep his team together. Pushed to the limits of his endurance, he is tempted to win at all costs. Only when disaster strikes does he realize the price may be too high.

In this powerful first novel, author Don Meredith combines the mystic world of native legend with the harsh realities of survival to create a compelling tale of adventure and coming of age in the stark landscape of the North.

Jim Redcrow is a Métis teenager who helps his father and uncle run a trapline in northern Alberta. As part of his duties, Jim maintains the family dog team that is used to haul supplies to and from the trapline. This chapter opens at the end of a very rough day for Jim. After all but losing a fight with a school yard bully, he comes home to find his father selling part of his dog team. After breaking up the sale, Jim learns from his father that they can no longer afford to keep the dogs. It is all too much for one day . . .

Canadian Book Review Annual, 1989. "Throughout this well-written adventure story, Native legends are skilfully interwoven, and Jim's relationship with his dogs is poignantly portrayed."

Calgary Herald, 1989. "Each of the dogs has a distinct, believable personality, and human and animal interactions ring true to life. Dog Runner is a special book."

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